Community Preservation


The City provides an enforcement program to identify violations of the Municipal Code and to assist in preserving the health, safety, general welfare and quality of life for all people who live, work and visit Laguna Niguel. The Community Preservation Division responds to complaints regarding compliance with zoning and building codes, including regulations pertaining to building/construction; housing; noise; property maintenance; public nuisances; signs; and zoning/land use.

Temporary Election Signs

Section 9-1-74(m) of the LNMC permits temporary Election signs subject to:
-placed no earlier than 45 days before an election
-cannot be placed on city property, signs, light poles, or on sidewalks
-can be placed 3' behind sidewalk on private property with owner's permission
-must be removed no later than 5 days after an election

Other Issues

 Please see information regarding the following specific issues below:

Report a Code Violation

The City relies on community members to report concerns and possible code violations to the City. Code Compliance Inspectors follow up on those complaints by conducting a site investigation to determine if there is a violation.

To report an issue, please use the City's online reporting site eTRAKit or the City Mobile App: iPhone   Android

For more information on how to use eTrakIt, please visit the City's site here.

Administrative Citation

Laguna Niguel Municipal Code (LNMC) Section 1-3-11 et seq. authorizes the issuance of administrative citations for violations of the LNMC. There are three levels of citations that can be issued progressively for a violation. The fines are $100 for the first citation, $200 for the second citation and $500 for the third and subsequent citations. These fines are cumulative. For continuing violations, a citation may be issued each day the violation is in existence. Continuing violation means either: A particular violation of the Code continuing for more than 24 hours without correction or a repeated, consecutive violation of the same offense without intervening days. 

If you need further clarification about payment of a citation, please click here or call 1 (800) 969-6158.

Request for Preliminary Review