Laguna Niguel Cart Exchange

Residential CR&R Cart Exchange: May 1 - August 

Beginning May 1, CR&R will be exchanging all residential customer carts with a new set of carts to comply with State Senate Bill 1383 Regulations. The new law requires specific cart colors for each type of waste collected from your home. Each residence will receive the same size carts that CR&R has on file. Carts will be exchanged on your regularly scheduled trash day. CR&R will contact each residence prior to their carts being exchanged. The Citywide residential cart exchange is expected to last through August 2023. Please note that there is no additional cost associated with this process.


Cart Exchange Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the City Exchanging all the Residential Carts in the City?

State Senate Bill 1383 Regulations require all residential carts to conform with the state-mandated color scheme of black for solid waste, blue for recyclable materials and green for organic waste. In addition, the franchise agreement between the City and CR&R requires that the average age of all deployed carts in the City is five years or less.

When will the cart exchange occur in my neighborhood? 

The residential cart exchange will take place from May 1 – August. All carts will be exchanged on a resident's regularly scheduled collection day. CR&R Environmental Services will contact each residence on the Friday before and the day before their scheduled collection day. For example, if you are scheduled to have your carts exchanged on Tuesday, May 9, CR&R will contact you on Friday, May 5 and Monday, May 8, informing you that your carts are scheduled to be exchanged the following day.  

What do I need to do?

Residents will need to put all their carts by the curb on their regular collection day. Carts filled with waste will be emptied and then exchanged by CR&R. Please have all carts placed by your curb no later than 7:00 am, and do not bring your unexchanged carts in until 6:00 pm.

My carts were just exchanged. Do I still need to get new ones?

If your carts were recently exchanged and they conform to the new state law cart color requirements as depicted in the graphic above, then you will not have your carts replaced. CR&R personnel will make that assessment during the cart exchange process. Carts that conform to state law cart color requirements that are damaged or in need of replacement will be exchanged. 

Will the cart exchange have any additional cost? 

As part of the City's Franchise Agreement with CR&R Environmental Services, CR&R is required to exchange all carts at no additional cost.

What size carts will I be receiving? 

All residences will receive the same size carts that CR&R currently has on file. 

What do I do if my carts are not exchanged?

If CR&R contacted you informing you that your carts would be exchanged on your collection day and your carts are not serviced, please wait 24 hours before contacting CR&R. Continue to leave your unexchanged carts on the curb as CR&R will come the following business day to exchange your carts.  If your carts have not been exchanged by 6 pm the following day, and you have not been provided with additional information, please contact CR&R directly at (877) 728-0446.

What will happen to all the old carts?

All carts will be recycled or returned to inventory if they are in good condition and comply with Senate Bill 1383 color scheme requirements. No carts will be sent to the landfill. 

What if I am out of town when the cart exchange occurs in my neighborhood?

Residents who are out of town when carts in their neighborhood are exchanged can call CR&R customer services at (877) 728-0446 and schedule an alternative delivery date. There is no additional fee associated with this process.

Why might my new cart lids not close fully?

You may experience your new carts not fully closing. This is a result of the shipping and delivery method where the carts were stacked, causing the lids to form to the back hinge. Once the lids are closed for a few days, they will settle in the other direction and form to the cart. 

Cart Exchange Assistance

  1. If your cart(s) were not exchanged for any reason after your scheduled exchange date, please complete this form or contact CR&R Customer Service at (877) 728-0446. Please note that all information shared in this form will be shared directly with CR&R Environmental Services. 

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