Park Address Amenities
El Lazo Basketball Courts 23804 El Lazo Road Four full lighted courts
Laguna Niguel Skate and
​Soccer Basketball Courts
27745 Alicia Parkway One full court and one half court, lighted
Chapparosa Park Basketball Courts 25191 Chapparosa Park Road Basketball: Three full courts, no lights
Sand Volleyball: 2 courts, no lights
Ocean Breeze Park Basketball Court 32311 Charles Road One full court, no lights
Marina Hills Park Courts 24802 Marina Hills Drive Basketball: One full court and one half court, no lights
Bocce Ball: 3 courts, no lights 
Hidden Hills Basketball Courts 27802 Springwood One half court, no lights
Crown Valley Elementary School Pickleball Courts 29292 Crown Valley Parkway 8 Pickleball courts, no lights
Niguel Hills Middle School Sand Volleyball Courts 29070 Shark Bay 4 courts, no lights

Pickleball Hours and Information 

CVES Pickleball Court Use Schedule - 8-10-22