Bike Locker Permits

The City maintains and facilitates the rental of twenty (20) bicycle storage lockers at the Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo Metrolink train station.

Bike Locker

Bike Locker Rental Cost

$5.00/month - due the 1st of every month and a one-time $50 refundable locker key deposit.

Steps to Renting a Bike Locker

  1. Complete the Bike Locker Rental Agreement Form and email it to  
  2. Applicants may also apply in-person by visiting the Public Works Department on the Second floor of City Hall during regular business hours.  
  3. Payment of $65 is collected upon the City’s receipt of a completed Bike Locker Rental Agreement form. This includes a one-time, $50 refundable deposit for the locker key and advance payment for three (3) months of bicycle locker rental fees. A $5 rental fee will be collected on month four and on the 1st of each month thereafter for as long as you rent the bicycle locker.
  4. Once you return your bike locker key to the City, then you will be refunded your $50 deposit within 60 days.