Emergency Preparedness

When communities are unprepared for any type of disaster or emergency, this will consequently result in a greater loss of life and injury simply because residents are uninformed and unprepared.
 In Laguna Niguel, Police Services, the American Red Cross, and the Sheriff’s Department Emergency Management, has developed a wide spread emergency preparedness program for residents to help them prepare for a disaster regardless of what type it is.

The Simplified Action For Emergencies (S.A.F.E.) program has been designed to promote resident safety and public awareness. City Emergency Services personnel are available to make presentations to businesses, commercial and residential property management; including residential homeowners associations.

This ten-step program is a simplified approach to individual emergency preparedness. There is no cost to participate in S.A.F.E., other than the basic required survival supplies. All emergency preparedness literature is provided to the residents free of charge by Laguna Niguel Police Services.

Residents are encouraged to join Neighborhood Watch that strengthens each neighborhood’s emergency preparedness efforts. Block Captains receive emergency preparedness training annually, which in turn is communicated to each Neighborhood Watch group.

All City and Police Services personnel are trained in the State of California mandated Strategic Emergency Management; however in a major citywide emergency all residents must be prepared to sustain themselves for a minimum of 72 hours until emergency personnel can reach them. S.A.F.E. provides residents with a proven preparation process that can be easily followed.

The City is a member of the Orange County Operational Area and the Orange County Emergency Management Organization. Both of these entities provide “mutual aid” to communities via the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Orange County Fire Authority and the State of California Office of Emergency Services.