Evacuation Zones

Information Regarding Coastal Fire

For information regarding the Coastal Fire, please CLICK HERE.

What are Evacuation Zones?

In the event of a wildfire or other emergency situation, law enforcement and fire agencies issue evacuation warnings or evacuation orders for impacted areas. These notices may be issued in conjunction with a particular Zone.  

Authorities may use Zone designations or may specify another area in emergency alerts, media releases, and on social media to notify residents which areas are under an evacuation warning or order. It is important to know your neighborhood zone ahead of time so that you can quickly evacuate if an order for your zone was issued.

Know Your Neighborhood Zone!

The City's evacuation zone map includes all-hazard evacuation zones throughout the entire City, which are are easily broken down by neighborhood location. The City has designated 9 evacuation zones. 

Residents are encouraged to review the map and become familiar with their zone now, prior to an emergency. To view the map, please click the button below. Additionally, you can zoom in on the map for a clear view of street names. 

Evacuation Zone Map Opens in new window

To view and download a Visual Checklist for your Disaster Supply Kit, CLICK HERE.

It is important to understand, that depending on conditions, the scale of an emergency, and varying hazards, modifications to designated zones could become necessary during an emergency. If changes to the boundaries of a zone was needed during an emergency, the City would not evacuate an entire zone but instead will require the evacuation of a part of a zone or zones.  

Evacuation Terminology 

The New California Standard Statewide Evacuation Terminology was developed by the California Office of Emergency Services in close partnership with public safety agencies throughout the state to communicate clearly and consistently in alerts and warnings. In the event of an evacuation in Laguna Niguel, the New California Standard Statewide Evacuation Terminology will be used.

Evacuation Order

Mandatory evacuation order with hard road closures. Evacuated individuals will not be allowed to enter the area until the Evacuation Order is lifted.

Evacuation Warning

Voluntary evacuation to give you advance warning in a slow moving event. This is to allow individuals time to evacuate an area.


You are directed to stay in your residence, school, workplace or other building because it has been determined that staying where you are is safer than evacuating.  

Emergency Notifications

Depending on the emergency and the conditions, public safety officials may utilize a variety of communication methods to alert you that it is time evacuate. Below is information on local alerting systems that you need to be aware of.


AlertOC is a free web based subscription service that provides real-time information to affected communities in emergency situations. AlertOC is capable of notifying thousands of subscribers by phone, email, text message, social media, and TTY/TDD within a few minutes of emergency. Notifications from AlertOC are targeted to areas with an imminent threat to life and safety rather the entire city. 

Register for AlertOC by visiting: AlertOC.org 

Additional Alerting Tools

Additional alerting tools such as Nixle and social media may also be used to notify the community in the event of large-scale emergency evacuation. 

Register for Nixle by texting: 92677 to 888-777

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