South OC Wastewater Authority Water Exchange System

Public Works partners with South Orange County Wastewater Authority (SOCWA) to exchange heated and cooled water that benefits the functionality of SOCWA wastewater treatment while simultaneously heating the Crown Valley Community Center (CVCC) pool. This mutual exchange uses less gas and saves money!

How it Works

The Crown Valley Community Center Pool maintains a heat exchange, similar to radiator in a car. SOCWA’s heated treatment water is pumped into one side of the heat exchange. The CVCC cold pool water is pumped into the other side of the exchange. The transfer of SOCWA's heated water is used to warm the CVCC pool to an adjustable temperature. 

The cold water from the CVCC pool,  cools the hot water at SOCWA, which helps keep the beneficial organisms in the treated wastewater from getting too hot and dying off.

Both facilities use less gas and save money; CVCC uses less gas and energy to heat the pool and SOCWA uses less gas and energy to cool their wastewater.