Annual Weed Abatement

The City of Laguna Niguel conducts an annual weed abatement program designed to reduce fire hazards during the summer season. The weed abatement program is done in accordance with Laguna Niguel Municipal Code Sec. 11-14-11 and the Orange County Fire Authority standards. Typically, in Spring of every year, the City’s Community Development Department performs a limited “pre-canvassing” of private properties to identify properties, which have weeds or other noxious plants upon them that may pose a fire hazard during the fire season.

Property owners should remove weeds over 6" in height, weeds identified in the noxious weed/fire prone list below, as well as any dead, overgrown, or dried out vegetation, plants, and trees  within 100 feet of any structure. If your property is subject to a fuel modification plan with OCFA, you may have additional requirements. Please do not leave slopes bare, as this could lead to erosion. Maintaining weeds at ground level will help prevent the spread of fire. Please note that the 100-foot clearance also includes distances to those structures that may be located on a neighbor’s property. The Community Development Department considers a structure to be an inhabitable building, such as a house, or any building that houses animals and any building that stores real property, such as a garage or storage shed.

Voluntary Abatement Program
The City of Laguna Niguel's Voluntary Abatement request program is intended to assist property owners who do not have the ability or time to abate weeds, flammable vegetation, or other combustible matter from their property. Property owners may agree to pay the costs of a private contractor hired by the city to abate the property. In addition to cost savings for participating property owners, the programs will facilitate more timely clearing of identified nuisance conditions. Please email for more information.

Weed Abatement Documents

For further information

Contact the Community Development Department by phone at (949) 362-4300 or Email.