Water Conservation

Reducing City Potable Water Usage

In response to the ongoing drought, Public Works is exploring multiple projects to reduce the City's potable water use, educate the public regarding water savings efforts and its plans for additional irrigation conversions to recycled water. 

Public Works continues to convert the remaining potable water landscape meters to reclaimed water. Approximately 75% of City-owned meters have been converted with future plans to convert the remaining 25%. 

A water savings audit with conservation recommendations will be included in the Public Works Citywide Energy Assessment Study.

Water Consumption

Within the City of Laguna Niguel, water and sewer service is provided by the Moulton Niguel Water District.  The water district tracks water consumption of all its consumers and develops individual consumer water budgets (https://www.mnwd.com/conservation/). 

  • Residential water budgets are calculated based on each customer’s landscaped area, real-time weather data, and the number of residents in each home.
  • Customers whose water use remains within their water budgets are billed at the lowest available rates, and customers who exceed their water budgets are billed at higher rates for water they use above their water budget.

Reduce Indoor Water Use

Two ways you can help reduce indoor water use include:

  1.  Reducing shower times and not letting the sink run unnecessary, like while brushing your teeth
  2.  Reuse towels and re-wear clothes that are not too dirty before washing

Reduce Outdoor Water Use

  1. Switching to drought tolerant plants and installing smart water irrigation systems (systems that use real-time weather data to determine the frequency and the amount of water needed)
  2.  Keep your pool/spa covered. Covering your pool prevents water evaporation and can conserve close to 15,000 gallons of water each year.

H2O for HOAs

Learn how your HOA can become water wise through H2O for HOAs